Older Three’s and Four’s

As your child grows, their cognitive skills and curiosity continues to bloom. Evergreen Christian Pre-School’s program introduces a variety of concepts and skills such as math, science, language, and much more. All at a pace designed for your little pre-schooler. 

Practically all grown up, our three’s and four’s are focused and well rounded. They have a solid grasp of what they like, what they want to do, and how things work. With their teachers acting as guides and facilitators of learning, they spend most of their time involved in “hands-on” activities that tie into our academic principles.

Our teachers in this program skillfully weave in academic goals and objectives as they build on what children can do, and challenge them to try new things. Our children contribute their own ideas and use their own problem-solving strategies to explore the world around them. Three’s and four’s also practice writing at the independent writing center, have access to a variety of age appropriate books and language materials, and learn use their social/emotional skills daily.

While they still enjoy building castles in the blocks center, managing a small flower shop in dramatic play, and putting together puzzles in manipulatives, they also crave the pride of being able to write their name, learn their letters, and prepare for kindergarten. Our pre-school program lays a great foundation and will set them up for a successful junior kindergarten year!

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